Debt-Free College Education

Currently, the US doesn’t even rank as one of the top ten countries with the best education in the world. This is a serious problem because in order to have an efficient society and government, we need to have educated people to serve as our leaders and innovators in helping to make this country better. Like in Finland, we need to adopt education reforms focus on a students happiness and encourage socializing with others. In their K-12 schools, they are assigned no homework and standardized tests, only go to school for 20 hours of week compared to many countries include the US, and have made starting private schools and charging tuition illegal. All universities in Finland offer equally and high-quality education. As of 2017, there are more than 44 million college graduates with the burden of having $1.3 trillion of debt in the US collectively. The average student in the Class of 2016 had an average of $37,172 in student debt. Is this how we want to educate our students? By shackling them to debt slavery after they have accomplished their dreams of getting an education? Why does a powerful and rich country like the US not able to provide our citizens with a debt-free and no cost education while many countries are able to despite not having as many resources as us? We need to provide a means for students for voicing their concerns and take advantage of technology to smoothly adopt an apprenticeship style education for all fields. Not only do we believe in providing access to high-quality and debt-free education for the people, but our education also needs to be more efficient when it comes to operations and resources while adopting individualized curricula tailored to a students goals and be completely prepared for the real world by providing real world professional experience as they pursue their education through partnerships with companies and organizations.