Promote A Healthier Nation

In the US, the obesity rates of Americans (ages 15 to over) are currently around 38.2% making us the fattest nation in the world. What is worse is that the trend of obesity is expected to increase to 47% by 2030. So, how can we fight this epidemic and solve this? France has a solution that we can learn from and that is through educating our youth in K-12 schools and serving them lunches made from wholesome and organic produce. Compared to France’s school lunches, the food served in our K-12 schools is disgusting and unacceptable. The youth in French schools enjoy gourmet lunches cooked by professional chefs and reviewed by dietitians that are not only tasty to their students, but it also promotes healthier eating habits that educates kids in making them more informed about what they put in their bodies. The surprising part is that students in French schools pay less for meals compared to in the US and are still able to provide healthy meals. As a country with a serious obesity epidemic and constantly being exposed to fast food restaurants that are almost in every corner of most US cities, we need serious reforms in how we educate the nation when it comes to nutrition and fitness to become a healthier nation and its an important foundation. The World Bank cites that improved nutrition increases productivity and economic growth and not addressing will lead to higher costs and loss in GDP. Therefore, health and nutrition is something that shouldn’t be overlooked in this country and is a serious problem that we need to solve. We┬árecognize that our own health is also intimately tied to the health of our communities and environment. To improve our own health, we must improve the quality of our air, water and food and the health of our workplaces, homes and schools.