Inspired by the En Marche Movement in France, we realized that bipartisanship is not enough to solve America’s current problem with polarized politics. We need to instead adopt transpartisanship to ensure everyone’s voice is heard whether you are conservative or liberal and adopt a train of thought in government that favors the most effective ideas and plans without bias. It’s not just about Democrats, Republicans, being affiliated with third parties, or being independent, we as Americans need to again adopt a scientific approach in government to making important decisions in this country that effect everyone’s daily lives. If an initiative is shown to be effective, we collectively should approve of such an initiative and not repeal it because it conflicts with your own political beliefs. With two mainstream parties refusing to work with one another with little to no cooperation under Trump’s administration, it is making it difficult to pass important bills that could potentially improve the lives of people. We believe that government should pass bills that lead to promoting the most effective policies that encourage improved efficiency while protecting individual rights for all and our planet regardless of political affiliation! Everyone of us were born as individuals and we need to be open with one another and work together for a better future for our country and the world!